A look at how we at Westwood, install our floors

A wooden floor, properly installed goes a long way in making your floor beautiful and durable. Installation and finishing of wooden floors is a specialized job which requires a separate skill set and training..

A successful floor installation depends on what happens even before a single strip of wood is laid on the floor. The importance of the site inspections and assessments can never be over emphasized. It is during these site inspections, you recommend what type of sub-floor is required, Can we glue down directly, Or should we use a damp proofing, should it be on frames. What adhesive? Do you need a silane based adhesive? Should it be an elastic adhesive or a rigid adhesive? Are there chances of moisture migration from the adjoining area? Is the property below the adjacent plot? Is there is hill behind the house which will increase the water pressure under the floor? Like these, there are hundreds of things that need to be considered when we recommend a flooring to you.

And this is where the expertise of our team coming into play. We have been installing wooden floors all over the country since 1996. Yes, for the past 18 years we have been doing just that. We only do site finished solid wood flooring. No Laminate, No Engineered, No Furniture, No Kitchens Cabinets. Just wooden floors and that too just solid wood floors. That is what we call is our core competency.

Training and Expertize

Any specialized job needs expertize and that expertize can be achieved by training and experience. We at Westwood has been in the business of manufacturing and installation of wooden floors since 1996. That gives us the experience. Then we, as the sole distributors of Bona AB( www.bona.com ) the world leader in wood floor installation and finishing technology, has the privilege of having access to the best training programmes in the world.

Training at Salzburg, Austria by Bona Technicians

Master Training 2013 at Salzburg Austria by Bona.

Hands on training at Master Training 2013

Master Training 2013 at Salzburg Austria by Bona

Master Training 2013 at Salzburg Austria by Bona

Master Training 2013 at Salzburg Austria by Bona

Training at Cochin, India by Bona Technicians

Training at Cochin, India by Bona Technicians

Hands on training - when we installed the wooden floors in the 320 rooms of Lulu Marriot, we installed the entire floor over self levelling compound. For this, Bona flew in their top technician Mr. Torben Schuy from Germany to train us.

And we have some experience too

Check the sub floor strength. Any mistake with the sub floor is almost impossible to rectify.

It is always important to check the moisture content of the sub floor before we proceed with the installation.

Check the moisture of the wood before installation

Inspection of the sub floor is the most important part of the job. This is where our experience comes handy. And having the right equipment always helps. We use the right equipment for the right job. No compromises. The best moisture meters from GANN and Tramex for measuring the moisture content of the sub floor and the wood. No guessing or rough estimations here.

The team

Over the past 18 years, we have developed a highly skilled team of project managers and floor installers. This team comes with tons of experience. We have installed more than 5000 wooden floors over these years and our average installer experience is more than 7 years with some of the team members are with us for more since our first year of operation.

This is a project where we have installed more than 22,000 sq.ft of very high end flooring. And the rooms were big. This required us to put multiple applicators to work in tandem to ensure that the job is done perfectly.

Meet Mr. Jees Sebastain, who joined us as a trainee when he was 18 years. Now after 8 years, he is an expert installer. Here you can see him applying self levelling compound

Meet Mr. Libin Xavier. Joined us as a trainee in 2009. Here you can see him applying Bona Craft Oil at Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra.

Team installing very high end wooden decking at a private residence

Here you can see two of our most experienced installers Mr. Shaiju ( who is also our technician for Bona Products ) and Mr. Sunil applying Bona Create stain over an Iroko floor at the boutique hotel Spice Harbour at Mattancherry, Cochin

Meet Mr. Danny who joined our team as an installer in 2003. Here he is using a Bona Belt sander to sand and level the floor.

Nailing the floor down along with the right floor adhesive means that the floor will always be solid. No foam and no underlay. This ensures that the floor will not make any noise or will feel 'spongy' when you walk over it.

As mentioned earlier, the right tool always makes the difference. See a Primatech pneumatic nailer from Primatech Canada in action

Meet Mr. Jishi, our first floor installer who joined our team in 1996. That is some experience...

A teak deck installation in progress.

The Machines....

And having the right machine for the job ensures that the job is always world class. Due to our association with Bona AB, the world leader in everything for wooden floor including the wooden floor finishes, the adhesives, the sanding machines, abrasives, we have the most latest equipment in our store within 3 months of the launch in Europe or US.